Laser plastic welding machine

Novolas WS-AT

This system allows you to customize many different solutions and parts for laser welding.

Dalex Schweisstechnik

  • Latest technology in resistance welding
  • Spot welding / Projection welding and Seam welding.
  • All machines are available with AC / DC or MF-DC technology and complete systems with robot solutions.

Schlatter Industries AG in Schweiz

Welding machines and welding facilities of the type.
Resistance Welding, in the following product areas:

  • Posiweld CNC controlled welding facility for smaller and larger series (wire/auto parts and more)
  • Automatic mesh welding for wire production. (Shelves/Display/Frames and more)
  • Mesh welding machines for production of reinforced mesh
  • Welding lines for production of thermo plates for milk tanks/beer tanks and more
  • Butt welding machines for wire Ø 0,2 mm – Ø 14 mm.

Ravni Technologies

  • Straightning and cutting machines for smooth and ribbed wires from Ø 0.8 mm to 18.0 mm.
  • Straightning and cutting of tubes for the automotive industry and Solar Systems.
  • Chamfering of wires and tubes

Welcome to Weldingseller aps

Weldingseller aps is a company that sells welding facilities and welding machines, as well as offer technical counsel in the area of resistance welding.
Our vision is to be a partner within the areas of spot welding/projection welding/seam welding, as well as the entire wire industry, who produce everything from small welded wire components on simple machines, to solutions with fully automatic facilities for bigger series, as well as welding facilities and attachments for the reinforced mesh industry.
We can also become Your partner in automatic solutions for bigger, more complex facilities.


CORO Solutions B.V. Nederlands. Systems for cold rolling of wire.
CORO Rolling Cassette for reduction og smooth and ripped wire.

DALEX Schweissmashinen GmbH & Co.KG - Spot welding and Projection welding  / Seam welding. Machines for automatic lines.

LEISTER Lasersystems. Laser welding of plastics.

RAVNI Technologies. Straightening and cutting of wire and tubes.

We are always open for a dialogue, so that we can find the best solution for the project together.

We will be your good connection for the future.




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